Technical Skills

Strong: Web Development: Javascript ES6, React.js (frameworks: Gatsby for static-web generation, Create-React-App for dashboards, Next.js for server-side projects), Redux, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose.js, HTML, SCSS, Prettier, VSCode; Workflow: Gitflow, Trello
Design and UX: Adobe Creative Cloud: (Illustrator for vector designs, Photoshop for digital art, XD for UX design and prototyping, Premier for video editing and rendering, AfterEffects for motion graphics and editing)
Experienced: Jest, Enzyme, SEO, D3, Solidity

Supplemental Skills

Strong: CRM: Mailchimp (email lists), Hubspot (key contact library); Form Generation: Typeform (surveys); Marketing: Hootsuite (social media optimization)


Frontend Developer | BUIDLHUB:

: Building and designing frontends with ReactJS and Redux, Node backend

  • Contributed frontend Developed a Node script for testing blockchain apps